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Meyn Gabrillo.♥ l 20teenl 4th year College l PLV. l BA in Communication Studies Major in Theater Arts.

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He hugs her so tight. It seems perfect.


"Maaaring nag-aaway tayo minsan. Pero hindi tayo maghihiwalay. "

Best word to describe him? My EVERYTHING.


Mahalin mo ‘yung babaeng sinesermon ka.

meandmyfluffycheeks asked: Ateeeeee Meyn! :)))))) i miss youu

Waaaaaa.. hihihi i miss you too joyce! :)

- Love Meyn

I thought, I’ve move on. Well, I was wrong thinking that it would be easy for me to get over with him. It is really insane to think that it is not that big deal to forget him. But what the hell is this? All of this time, I still like him. I cannot admit it to myself but part of me keep telling me this, you still love him.. don’t you?

Anonymous asked: Hi po! Ate Dyosang Blogger, suggest ka naman po ng magagandang movies. I'll wait for it po. Thank you! :))

Ay, nambola pa hahaha. Nabasa mo sa blog ko yan no! hahaha Sige anon :)

Pinoy movies:
1. Himala
2. Kisapmata
3. Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos
4. Burlesk Queen
5. Maynila: Sa Kuko ng mga Liwanag

1. Miracle in cell no.7
3. Amazing Spider Man

Actually anon, I cant say such movies talaga hahha. More on series fave ko now :)

- Love Meyn

Yung feeling na nahuli ka ni crush na nakatingin sa kanya..

I love you in different ways and in hundred of times.

  • When he said, "Please stay." I know he wants me to be with him forever.

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